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Disclosure Regarding Reviews at Productsitereviews.com

this site is a review site I put together reviewing products,businesses,and oppurtunities in an unbiased manner.Please remember that these are my opinions only as you should assume that  I have no special knowledge or skills reguarding the reviews of this site.I can make no guarantees, explicit or implied, about the companies or websites that are recommended from the reviews of this site.

Many of the websites and home-businesses reviewed here have affiliate programs, meaning I would get compensated for recommending these websites or businesses and earn an affiliate  commission for any purchase there. However, despite the potential for this compensation I still do recommend the vast majority of these online business opportunities.

The websites and online businesses that I do recommend I often link to an affiliate program. This means that if you purchase anything on this website or sometimes even simply sign up for a free account, I will receive some sort of compensation. These affiliate links can be found in many parts of the website.This helps to update and maintain the development of this website.

I also recommend many websites that teach about Home Based Businesses and Online Businesses where I recieve no compensation at all. I do this simply because I want to help people find  legitimate products and learn to work at home and to do business so that they can avoid getting scammed online.

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